Spectrum Fantastic Art Quarterly Vol. 3



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It's the printed journal of fantasy art--a "fanzine" in a huge 12 x 12 inch format. Edited by Cathy and Arnie Fenner.

The centerpiece of this issue is 46 pages devoted to Berni Wrightson!

This third volume contains:

A Conversation with the Broms
A profusely illustrated interview with Brom and Laurie Lee Brom. None of Brom's work that we've included has appeared in his art books while Laurie shares some of her most recent drop-dead-gorgeous gallery paintings.

Berni Wrightson: A Last Look Back
A lengthy appreciation of the late "Master of the Macabre" which covers his entire career, from growing up as a fan in Baltimore to his comics and film work to his collaborations with Stephen King. Frank Frazetta's glowing opinion of him is featured in a sidebar.

Berni Wrightson: A Remembrance
Publisher Todd Adams reflects on his friendship and many collaborations with Bernie.

An Interview with Alessandra Maria Pisano
Cathy talks with award-winning artist, dancer, and owl wrangler Alessandra Maria Pisano, all beautifully complimented by her stunning oil paintings.

A celebration of all the things that go bump in the night. Featuring a ghoulish gang of glorious creatures by John Jude Palencar, Mark English, Karla Ortiz, Jon Foster, Robert Peak, Dan dos Santos, Roger Stine, Jeffrey Jones, and Phil Hale.

Chatting with Dian Hanson
Opening with a portrait by the legendary Robert Crumb, we chat with Dian Hanson, Taschen's resident "Sexy Book Editor," about her career and her recent foray into fantastic art with this year's bestselling Frazetta collection.

Made in the USA. No advertising. No online or electronic version. Limited to just 1,000 copies.


Condition & Attributes

Very Fine
Print run of 1000 copies

Publishing Information

Overland Park, KS
Spectrum Fantastic Art

Physical Description

12 inches
12 inches
88 pages
color illustrations throughout

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