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ROUND ROBIN is a collaborative illustration project consisting of three books undertaken by Daniela Strijleva, Katy Wu, and Jennifer C. Chang.

ROUND ROBIN and ROUND ROBIN 2 each feature a series of fifteen illustrations connected through an ‘add-on’ word game. Each artist takes a turn providing a word inspired by the one previously supplied and illustrates only words written by her counterparts. The unique combination of words demands that the artist step outside her comfort zone while allowing her the freedom of interpretation and imagination.

ROUND ROBIN 3 maintains the spontaneous spirit of the first two installments but is also a departure. Instead of each artist adding a word, each artist writes a sentence; the sentences string together to create a narrative story. Thus each illustration in the book is connected to the previous and subsequent pages in a literal sense.

The third book was written by Daniela Strijleva, Katy Wu and Jennifer C. Chang, and co-written and edited by Liz Thiers.

The story of Round Robin 3 follows the misadventures of three snooty sheep, Fuzzy, Flounce, and Woolala. The three sheep are separated as the story progresses and each artist was tasked with illustrating a sheep's particular storyline.


Daniela Strijleva, Katy Wu, Jennifer Chang

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Chang, Daniela Strijleva, Katy Wu

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