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Mary Bellamy: Sugar Bits Volume 2 is a 120 page black and white sketchbook. Over the last 6 years I've accumulated mountains of sketches, line art, art tests and more. This book is a collection of the most interesting things I've had laying around in sketchbooks and on my hard drive. I also included a few informative pages such as the various stages of art creation, sketch, inks, flatting and finishing, as well as pages detailing how to update old artwork like comic pages. You can expect to find, rough sketches, finished art, turn-arounds, comic pages, cute art, design concepts and more.

Mary Bellamy is a professional artist working on properties such as My Little Pony, Marvel, DC Comics, Adventure Time, and more. She's worked nearly 20 years in licensed artwork, illustration, comics and other entertainment media. She self-publishes girl-centric properties/products that inspires girls, teens and women that do not rely on the standard marketing norms like princesses and sparkles.


Mary Bellamy

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10 inches
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120 pages
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