The Dynamic Bible (Revised Edition) Signed with a Drawing



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Peter added a full-page brushpen drawing to this copy.

This drawing/instructional book is the first volume in a new series by SuperAni and is separate from Peter Han's Dynamic Bible which was published previously. Peter has taken his previous book, completely revised and expanded each section, and is re-issuing it in several volumes.

From the publisher:

The Dynamic Bible is a collection of Peter Han's sketching notes and lectures. His method divulges the techniques to approach drawing and analyzing complicated subjects with simplicity and mindfulness.

These processes show us how to use a variety of lines and a gradual understanding of shapes, both two and three-dimensional. The author uses a method of simplifying complex forms through the idea of disassembling and reassembling the object that is being drawn. He also walks us through various approaches to objects that he has learned from his numerous illustration and teaching experiences. He uses these methods to demonstrate the many ways, through repetition, that an artist can interpret the structural aspect of objects, using insects and automobiles as this book's primary examples.

Furthermore, he covers the topic of expressing texture and volume by demonstrating the use of hatching techniques with a pen. Putting particular emphasis on the explanation of space, including perspective and how point of view affects proportions, he teaches us how to draw objects accurately from various angles. And he concludes the book by putting together a simple layout and completing a drawing using all the aforementioned techniques.

This book with its clear and concise explanations will help beginner artists reach the next level. It will also serve as a wonderful summary of fundamental theories for experienced artists, so that they may draw with even more confidence.

The drawings in this book are based on Peter Han's perfected theory and consist of clear, accurate, and bold lines.


Peter Han

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Very Fine, issued without dustjacket
Signed by the artist with a drawing



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12.3 inches
9.3 inches
84 pages
color and black & white illustrations throughout
decorative boards

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