Thunder Dreams Portfolio #1



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Nine black-and-white plates in a printed envelope. Comes with an introduction page that gives background information on the artists and describes the plates.

This is #28 of 200 numbered copies.

Nine 8 1/2" x 11" Plates
3 by Norman Felchle - "Flying Kid", "Not' Conan vrs Flaming Snake Monster" and "Big Horn Headed Guy Standing In Front of a lot of Dinosaur SKULLS".
3 by Jack keefer - "Inside-Out", "Thing in the Barn" and "Into the Light".
3 by Alex Sheikman -- "Madness", Cain and Able", and "Billy Bones".

Limited edition portfolios were a phenomenon of the 1970s and 80s. They grew out of a greater appreciation of comic and fantasy artists. Middle-Earth lead the way publishing a 1973 portfolio of Frank Frazetta drawings that quickly sold out its 500-copy print run. It was followed by Barry Smith's Tupenny Conan Portfolio in 1974 and another Frazetta portfolio, The Lord of the Rings, in 1975. This lead to a decade of large format, limited edition portfolios: a suite of new illustrations created without restrictions or censorship, with better printing on better paper, reproduced in a large size, to fully appreciate the artwork.


Norman Felchle, Jack Keefer, Alex Sheikman

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine plates in a Fine Envelope
#28 of 200 numbered copies


Felchle, Jack Keefer, Alex Sheikman

Publishing Information

Thunder Dreams Studio

Physical Description

11 inches
8.5 inches
black & white