Tinkers of the Wasteland 1: Cool Chickens of the Apocalypse



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The high spirited comic art from this Mexican cartoonist is a mix of Japanese Manga and French Wakfu!

Tinkers of Wasteland is like Mad Max and The Goonies jumping around inside your brain and causing nothing but trouble. I love it!
 - Skottie Young, two-time Eisner Award winner.

In a post-apocalyptic world, three adventurous -and a little crazy- boys discover that the chickens they hunted for food are part of a horrible threat that could destroy what is left of humanity.

Tinkers of the Wasteland is a three-part graphic novel in the post-apocalyptic comedy and adventure genre. The Earth is a Wasteland filled with hotrod cars led by a dangerous drag queen and many mutant chickens.

In the course of this frantic trilogy, the Tinkers will discover that friendship is as valuable as a good chicken broth. They ll learn not to underestimate the power of folk music, will find that knowing how to read is a survival skill and will realize that selfishness is the real enemy and friendship the only true weapon against adversity.


Raul Trevino

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine



Publishing Information

Monterey, Mexico

Physical Description

9 inches
6 inches
128 pages
black & white
French wraps

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