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This is the limited hardcover edition signed by 31 contributing Disney story artists. 

In 2008, a group of Walt Disney Feature Animation's Story Artists challenged themselves to create their own comic stories that they would self-publish as an anthology and sell at San Diego Comic-Con. That anthology of comic book stories Who is Rocket Johnson? was a great success and led to What is Torch Tiger? (2009), and Where is Dead Zero? (2012).

And now in the long awaited fourth volume in their comics anthology series, 44 Disney Animation artists attempt to answer the question... When is High Moon?

Contributing Artists:

32 artists each wrote and drew their own short comic book story for inclusion in this volume: Alisha Gibson, Allen Ostegar, Brian Kesinger, Carlos Romero, Carrie Liao, Chris Hubbard, Chris Ure, Dan Abraham, David G. Derrick Jr., David Pimentel, Don Hall, Donna Lee, Fawn Veerasunthorn, Hillary Bradfield, James Finch, Jeff Merghart, Jeff Ranjo, Jeremy Spears, John Musker, Kevin Deters, Lissa Treiman, Luis Logam, McKenna Harris, Meg Park, Michael Herrera, Mike Gabriel, Nancy Kruse, Ryan Green, Samantha Vilfort, Stephanie Rizo, Sunmee Joh, Sylvia Lee, and Zane Yarbrough

Pin-ups by 14 artists: Andy Harkness, Bill Schwab, Brittney Lee, Camille André, Griselda Sastrawinata, Normand Lemay, James Woods, Jeff Ranjo, Jeremy Spears, Joe Mateo, Lorelay Bové, Neysa Bové, Paul Felix, and Ryan Green.

The artists have signed archival bookplates that are attached to the front and rear boards of this limited edition hardcover. Signers include John Musker, Don Hall, Jeff Ranjo, Brian Kesinger, Brittney Lee, Meg Park, Mike Gabriel, Nancy Kruse, Alisha Gibson, Bill Schwab, Carlos Romero, Chris Hubbard, Chris Ure, Dan Abraham, Hillary Bradfield, Lissa Treiman, Luis Logam, Ryan Green, Samantha Vilfort, Stephanie Rizo, Sunmee Joh,and Zane Yarbrough.


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Limited to 1000 copies and signed by over 30 artists

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