White Cloud Worlds, Volume Two

White Cloud Worlds, Volume Two (With Exclusive Signed Bookplate)



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Not generally available in the United States, we offer this beautiful New Zealand import by special arrangement with the editor and driving force behind it, Paul Tobin. 

Our copies include an exclusive bookplate with an illustration by Christian Pearce and signed by nine artists: 

  • Adam Anderson
  • Andrew Baker
  • Greg Broadmore
  • Tim Gibson
  • Gus Hunter
  • Christian Pearce
  • Stuart Thomas
  • Paul Tobin
  • Greg Tozer 

From the publisher:

White Cloud Worlds Volume Two is a visually rich publication that explores the worlds created by 41 New Zealand artists based here and abroad. Each artist is profiled with a selection of their art accompanied by text written in their own unique voice, sharing their origins, inspirations and a rare glimpse into how they work.

This beautiful hard cover book includes illustration, concept design, 2D and 3D sculptural pieces alongside comic pages and anime characters.

White Cloud Worlds Volume Two contains 148 pages of imagery that challenges and inspires.

This book also includes written contributions from two of the world's leading masters of the imagination -- the internationally acclaimed artists, designers and writers Iain McCaig and Wayne Barlowe.

The work within these pages celebrates not only the skill of the artists but the uniqueness of their ideas. From the beautiful to the bizarre, frightening to fantastical, allow yourself a break from the mundane and get lost in the visually rich creations in this book. You might not want to leave!

Contains works by the following artists: 

  • Aaron Beck
  • Jacob Hina
  • Warren Mahy
  • Daniel Falconer
  • Vaughan Flanagan
  • Tom Robinson
  • Tim Gibson
  • Marriott tanya
  • Steve Lambert
  • Stephen Crowe
  • Stefan Messam
  • Sanjana Baijnath
  • Sacha Lees
  • Rebecca Kereopa
  • Peter Kelk
  • Paul Tobin
  • Nicholas Keller
  • Matty Rogers
  • Long Ouyang
  • Lindsey Crummett
  • Leri Greer
  • Adam Anderson
  • Andrew Baker
  • Andrew Shaw
  • Frank Victoria
  • Stuart Thomas
  • Ben Wootten
  • Ben Mauro
  • Jamie Beswarick
  • Bridget Monro
  • Christian Pearce
  • Claire Hackett
  • Eduardo Peña
  • Garry Buckley
  • Greg Broadmore
  • Greg Tozer
  • Gus Hunter
  • James Ellis
  • Jason Hong
  • Jianran Pan
  • Simon Morse 

White Cloud Worlds Volume Two is edited and art directed by Paul Tobin. Paul is the creator of the White Cloud Worlds series and a senior concept designer at Weta Workshop.


Paul Tobin

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Very Fine/Very Fine
Includes an exclusive illustrated bookplate signed by 9 artists



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Harper Collins

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